MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTOR HEALTH SERVICES

Director health services

The University Health Services (UHS) department is responsible for providing holistic healthcare to the University of Nairobi Community, in all locations of its establishment.

The healthcare needs of a community are one of the most important characteristics that define it and, therefore, provision of quality and comprehensive healthcare becomes a basic yet critical Human Right, as has indeed been enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya.

Pursuant to this fundamental Human Right, University Management has made and continues to uphold substantial investment in material, financial and human resources dedicated to the health and well-being of the University Community at large. UHS deploys a multi-disciplinary approach in the delivery of services to students’, staff and their dependents. UHS has made significant and dynamic strides, since inception in 1970, towards provision of quality patient/client healthcare services.  The guiding principle is premised on the observation that when the University Community is collectively and holistically healthy, hence healthy minds and bodies, this is likely to precipitate excellent teaching and learning environment, maintaining regional leadership in academic and research pursuit.

The University Health Services provides a wide range of services including but not limited to; curative, preventive as well as rehabilitative and outreach services. Additionally, we conduct targeted diagnostic screening and preventive wellness clinics for individuals who are deemed to be at-risk due to pre-existing and emerging circumstances, to elicit early diagnosis and treatment of different illnesses that occur from time to time. Further UHS, provides specialized care to those who suffer serious and chronic conditions.  The UHS continues to implement interventional strategies to mitigate barriers that the target population may experience, while providing solutions that ensure all service users receive quality and timely healthcare that they deserve.

In the year 2020, and in advent of the novel Coronavirus disease, UHS successfully responded to the ensuing challenges and uncertainties that consequently and adversely affected the norms of routine healthcare and ultimately influenced many an individual’s health seeking behavior. Despite the challenges UHS has been resilient and focused on an unwavering commitment to serve University community, thanks to well trained and motivated staff, indeed a great team of frontline health workers.

 The UHS encourages partnerships with various sector Stakeholders that include Ministry of Health; recognized Hospitals, medical suppliers, medical Practitioners / Researchers and National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), among others. It is projected that UHS will continue to uphold alignment to emerging opportunities and collaboration with key Partners and Stakeholders to contribute to the Institutional efforts in meeting increasing demand of healthcare. It is anticipated that these partnerships will bridge the gap towards positively addressing current health needs and subsequent transformation to match future needs.

The UHS Management team is passionate about the departmental mission and looks forward to the future with hope and optimism of attaining improved health and general welfare of the University Community.

On behalf of UHS Staff – I say thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Together, we will overcome and exceed your expectations.

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