Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the services offered at University health services?

Doctors consultancy, pharmaceutical services for staff and students, laboratory services, voluntary counseling and testing for hiv & aids, management of sexual violence, voluntary medical male circumcision, theatre services.


How many Satellite Clinics are under university health services (UHS)?

Beside Main senior staff clinic and student clinic there are satellite clinics : Upper Kabete, Lower Kabete, Kikuyu, Kenya Science, Kenyatta, Chiromo, Parklands, Kisumu, Mombasa and Kibwezi


What are UHS service hours?

Senior staff Clinic operates for 24 hours. Other clinics operate from 8:00 to 6pm.


Are patients charged for services at UHS clinics?

There are No charges for services offered.


Are students out of session allowed for Treatment?

Students Out of session are not allowed for Treatment. Only Students in the Nominal role are allowed


Which staff dependents are allowed for treatment?

Their children below 21 years and spouse.


Where does one get the health service forms?

At UHSwebsite

Or UON intranet


Does UHS offer inpatient services?

It offers inpatient services for Students only at sickbay.


When there is no drug in the uhs pharmacy , where do patients  get  drugs from?

For students a cover letter is written for them to pick at Nairobi Hospital or Karen Hospital. For staff, the prescription is stamped; the staff goes to buy and fills drug claim form.


Does UHS offer counseling services ?

Yes counseling services are offered  at UHS