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Hema Hospital was established in 1975 under the name Kisii Maternity and nursing Home, in a small rented premises with 60 beds. In 1980, we moved to our own new site with modern hospital with a capacity of 195 beds. In 1992, we put up a 5 storey extension. We are currently operating 245 beds. The new extension has a modern structural look, and modern facilities.


Hema hospital is an institution that exists with the purpose of addressing health care issues for the local community. It seeks to address the importance of quality and affordable medical services to all without discriminating in race, colour, creed or tribe.


To provide affordable and quality health care to all and sundry in the region. Hema hospital will seek to establish collaborative relationships with institutions both private and public which have the same ideologies to achieve better health care services for the community.

Link: Hema Hospital Kisii

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