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Eldoret Nursing Home was founded on the 21st of August 1975. It was started from a small house on Makasembo road in Eldoret. As Eldoret town developed and expanded, the need for quality and better health care increased and this led to numerous developments and improvement of its facilities. On the 21st of July 1993, Eldoret Nursing Home transformed to Eldoret Hospital Ltd.

Eldoret Hospital Ltd is one of the largest private hospitals in the region. Due to the increase in population of Eldoret town and the demand for medical facilities and practitioners, further developments were done. On the 1st of January 2002, the Eldoret Hospital Doctor’s Plaza was opened.

To this day, Eldoret Hospital is a fully fledged medical institution with one of the best medical facilities, practitioners and staff in the Rife Valley Region.

Over the years, Eldoret Hospital has grown in size and services offered, which include general, semi-private and private room facilities. The hospital also has a team of qualified and semi qualified staff excluding all the professional medical doctors and surgeons.

Over the years, the hospital has been able to handle various medical services and procedures. Some of these services include a 24hr Casualty, Pharmacy and Laboratory facility, a fully equipped Major and Minor Theatre, a Radiology and Cardiology department, all manned by trained staff and professional doctors and surgeons. These are just a few of the services. Within the Doctor’s Plaza, we have specialist doctors and professionals available for any kind of treatment, from ENT specialists, to Pediatricians, Gynecologists and also Dentists to name a few.

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