Impact of Covid-19 on Education

PROF. Stephen Kiama Gitahi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi while at #NMGLeadershipForum panel discussing the impact of #COVID19 on education in Kenya, said the "main source of revenue for the University of Nairobi is the fee-paying students. This accounts for about 75 per cent of our budget, the government provides the remaining 25 per cent. He also said he would not propose to have tertiary institutions open first. We would propose we begin with lower primary or secondary schools especially those doing day schooling. Tertiary institutions should be the last to re-open. He stated that the University had provided data bundles to our students. "We trained our students and staff, and we have overcome – to some extent – the challenges that we experienced earlier." He further stated That the "University of Nairobi closed briefly for two weeks to plan. Thereafter we trained our staff and students and now we have moved on into online learning and exams for post graduate students."