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Welcome to Chiromo Lane Medical Centre. Chiromo Lane Medical Centre is situated along Chiromo Lane/Muthithi Road junction in Westlands.

The hospital was established in July 1997 and is a reputable purpose built psychiatric in-patient and outpatient hospital. It is a registered Medical Institution, recognized by the Ministry of Health and National Hospital Insurance Fund with a bed capacity of 40 with both general and private beds. Chiromo Lane Medical Centre (CLMC) is designed to cater for all types of acute psychiatric disorders, in a safe, secure and dignified environment.
The facility has a multidisciplinary team that consist of Consultant Psychiatrist, Hospital Counselors, psychiatric nurses and pharmacist who ensure the provision of quality individualized care.
The rooms are all tastefully furnished, to reflect the importance of a dignified environment in the recovery process.
Meals are prepared in a modern well equipped kitchen, run by a team of long serving, dedicated ladies and gentlemen, who are part of the therapeutic community.

Bustani is the annex branch of Chiromo Lane Medical Centre, located in a serene environment within the lavington area. It caters for individuals from different nations around the world encountering a variety of psychiatric conditions to name a few: depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder , adjustment disorder, bipolar, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and addiction .Furthermore Bustani also caters for individuals encountering difficult life circumstance such as the  loss of loved one.  
Bustani composed of multidisplinary team who include consulting psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses, who provide the highest level of specialized care to their clients. It also serves  as an assessment centre where Adolescents and young adults are evaluated prior to admission to Rehabilitation centres, for drug abuse treatment.

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