Retirement Party for Jonah Nyange, Principal Technologist, UHS.
Date and time: 
Fri, 2014-11-28 10:08

It was an afternoon like no other, when members of the Laboratory Services, a unit under University Health Services organized a retirement party for their boss, Mr. Jonah Nyange, as the his service to the University came to an end.

Speaker after speaker paid tribute to Mr. Nyange as a very good leader. He encouraged members of staff under him to further their education. This enabled them to give better services to the University which came with an added income to the respective individuals.

"We will miss the bond and the unity we had together. He fostered a good working relationship in the labs. He is fatherly and we treat him so. You encouraged people to speak and air their views", said one of the staff members.

Mr. Ngure noted that Mr. Nyange initiated the buying of virtually everything in the Lab today. "He has been a very inspiriting brother", he added. He continued further to pour praise on Jonah whom he referred to  as a bigger brother. "He would help us when in need. He guided us professionally in our duties. He has shown us the light," he said.

Mr. Gichunge noted that Jonah fought very hard for the development of the Lab and the remuneration of the staff.

The Deputy Medical Officer, Dr. Ngige on her part appreciated the Lab team for organizing such a party for one of their own. She noted that such parties are very rare in the University Health Services (UHS) and they have shown leadership that the whole UHS fraternity needs to emulate.

Speaking during the retirement party organized in his honour, Mr. Jonah Nyange, appreciated the University for having given him a job for the last 27 years. He narrated how small the lab was when he joined the University. It was due to the support of the University Management, that the Lab has grown to what it is today. He urged the Lab team to support his successor.

As is required by the Constitution, non-teaching staff members who have attained the age of 60 years are required to retire, while teaching staff retire at 70 years of age.


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